An Enchanted Journey to Freedom & Fearlessness.

Hello gorgeous Human, & welcome to my inner world! Here my name is Red Velvet & I am a photographer, writer, avid adventurist & plant medicine practitioner.

In 2016 I left my big city career as a professional performer & costume designer to begin a serious a personal quest for healing. Once I stopped identifying with my job titles and stepped out of the flurry of constant creation, I was able to finally understand the roots of my suffering, & reclaim my soul’s assignment.

This project, Red Velvet Renegade sprouted from the seeds I found there.

My gifts to you as Red Velvet Renegade are

  • Soul Portrait Photography (book your own shoot)
  • Plant Spirit Medicine
  • Personal Adventure Journalism
  • & some Yammering On about healing wounds from religious trauma, sexual abuse, rewiring the brain & solving patterns of self-hatred & self-sabatogue.

I am motivated by a never ending quest to touch the edges of this human perspective, the internet is full of amazing healers & incredible artists but I know my medicine is for a particular type of seekers & dreamers.

Although my journey so far has been related to the sacred warrior, I have now, thankfully, entered the time of the Sacred Weaver.

This work is for myself at 11 years old, for all my soul-siblings who don’t fit in with the normies, any identity or sexuality-questioning folks out there, my fellow witchy weirdos, and anyone anywhere on the path to understanding themselves who feel drawn to the images or words that I have to share.

I have since returned to my performative careers in the creative arts (which can be experienced HERE & HERE) but this project and the spiritual work I do here allows me to create from a more balanced place.

Re-wilding myself in nature has healed me enough that I’m able to encourage YOU to step into YOUR SACRED WARRIOR self & be the person you’ve always wanted to be.

You can join me on instagram (that’s probably how you found this site in the first place) and though I don’t yet have any formal coaching sessions in place yet…working with me on a photoshoot or signing up for costume therapy are two lovely ways to connect with my work. I would love to meet with you.



You can take a look through some of my photography here on this site too! I share more here than I do on insta..full albums rather than one off social media grabs :p. Here are a couple headers to get you started. Please feel free to comment on the ones you love the most!

Here’s a shot of me in my beloved camper van ‘Red Velvet…RV for short’ who this whole project is named after. She was my little womb wagon of healing for many moons & my dream is for all wymoon to dive into their own personal healing journeys, facing the fears of the mind and just going for it in the direction of their deepest dreams!.

*Raises Chalice* Here’s to reclaiming ourselves from the clutches of shame & self doubt, that we may rise as the guardians of this beautiful planet & join together in sacred communities across the world!